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Tips to Get You From "Holiday Funk" to Productive Ladypreneur

It’s that time of year again, the holidays! (Or “daze” for some of us)

 So much is going on, not only in our businesses but our personal lives as well. Parties and gift shopping alone can wipe us out, but there is also the aspect of loneliness and missing people who may not be with us anymore that can suck all of our motivation right out the window. We get caught in the “I really should be doing “this,” but I really just don’t feel like it, never-ending cycle. The. Struggle. Is. Real.

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How to END Bookkeeping Procrastination in Your Business

Procrastination. Ah, yes. Avoid what is overwhelming & doesn't give us instant gratification. We all do it. Some more than others, but none of us escape it. There are certain tasks we'd rather not do, so we continue to put it off for days, months, even years. 

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