Your Money Mindset / Anti-Hustle Nation Podcast

If I asked you what your money mindset is, would you know if it was healthy or needed some improvement?

You are used to the money stories that run on auto pilot in you brain on a daily basis, but have you actually stepped back to assess those thoughts?

Do you catch yourself saying things like:

“I can’t afford that!”

“I’ll never be able to buy that.”

“Ugh, MORE bills?”

Growing up, our parents / guardians had their own money stories that more than likely influenced the stories you are telling yourself today.

I know, because my money mindset used to SUCK……badly. But I’m here to tell you that you CAN turn it around. Like attracts like, that’s science. So, if you are struggling with your money mindset, know that it isn’t a life sentence. If you would like to learn some tips, check out Jac Julien’s Anti-Hustle Nation Podcast featuring yours truly here: